Behaviour support

I’m just waiting to pick up my son from a behaviour support centre in Ipswich. He’s been struggling to control his emotions and regularly hits out and hurts others – including me. As someone who trains others how to understand their own thinking and emotional acting out it’s hard to admit that I’m not sure where to go with helping my 5 year old son. It’s so much easier when we have words sufficient to explain our frustrations and fears clearly. But it does make me wonder how much of it we really learn to manage as adults and how many childlike rages we experience for what, in adulthood, would be considered petty concerns or irrational fears. How many of these infantile instincts do we simply learn to express in ‘adult’ ways through gossiping, moaning, resistance or oppression of others in subtle yet self -serving ways.

Next time you find yourself fuming in traffic, cursing in the supermarket or berating a well intentioned yet ultimately annoying act from friends or colleagues – get in touch with your inner child and ask it what it’s really trying to say. What are the words that effectively express your innermost gripes. See if you can find a way to hear yourself thinking and ask – what can I let go of here? What can I ‘grow up’ about and what would I tell a 5 year old to do?You might be surprised what you learn.


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