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Today…I learned how to blog

Posted in On building my business with tags on August 25, 2009 by racheljackson

I may be a little behind the times on this whole blog scene but for a consultant fascinated by the way in which people communicate it seemed long overdue to get myself involved.

Having set myself up in business in January 2008, enjoyed a prosperous first year and then seen a slow decline into year two as we slipped into recession….I have just come back from 3mths travelling around SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I am a firm believer in being where you need to be in life and making the decisions that you need to make – regardless of the possible impact they may have on your future. We don’t live in the future – we live in now and getting out of the so-called rat-race for a few months was in fact the best thing I could have done with myself.
Now back in beautiful Derbyshire I am finding that everything I pick up at the moment – books, conversations, magazines, films and sunday papers – they all centre around the very thing that is foremost in my mind – working out how to be sustainably happy in the current climate. An NLP guru once said to me…”when the pupil is ready, the guide will appear” and frequently I find this to be true. Just as you start focussing on a goal, the universe around you starts to provide input and support towards that goal.
So this is my target for the next few weeks…to allow myself some time to absorb all of this input and let my energy grow with it.

Learning a new skill

Posted in On building my business with tags on August 24, 2009 by racheljackson

Well…its 6mths since I registered my blog capacity using WordPress…for no other reason than the fact that my office partner recommended it….I think.  In that 6mths I have posted precisely zero posts and learned precisely nothing about blogging.

Today – I read an article in last weeks’ paper about blogging.  Had I read this article either last Saturday when it arrived, or even prior to reading the associated magazine, I would probably not have done anything with it due to feeling a little pathetic (for reasons I won’t go into now).  Instead I pick it up exactly at the point when it would might prompt me to do something…so…here I blog…

I’ve noticed more and more as I move through my 30s that things seem to happen around me about the time that they need to.  Maybe its just my perspective on things or a biased state of attention but so many times I’ve randomly picked up a book or a paper, or met someone I’ve either never spoken to before or not seen for a while…and they seem to be exactly the article, novel or person I am needing at that moment.  I did a course once which had as one of its motto’s – “when the student is ready, the master will arrive”.  It may sound like a cheap clip from Karate Kid but in fact I find it happening to me more and more.  The more it happens, the more I feel a growing sense that we are not perhaps required to spend our entire lives fretting about and driving towards what our future holds or ruthlessly analysing what we have done wrong or right in the past but that in fact we are actually OK in the present…things will happen – some will hurt, some will reward…but regardless which is which…we will generally be OK.  I find this comforting.  Its made me think in a much more refreshed way about the business I set up over a year ago to take me out of the corporate mill.  In the days to follow I will be taking that thinking further…join me…that is if I can work out how to manage this blog thing so others can actually see it….